Mailing lists & services

we analyze your mailing list.

we clone the best records.

we create, design, print, and mail.

When it comes to DIRECT MAIL, it is all about

  • What are we mailing? Will it meet postal mailpiece requirements?
  • When is the best time to mail?
  • Where should it mail from?
  • How should it mail (class, personalization, etc.)
  • Who should it mail to?
  • Why is this the best approach to accomplish the goals of the campaign?

Analyze your current house-list

Who makes up your best donors or clients? Are they married? Homeowners? How long have they lived in their homes? By analyzing your best records, we can find out amazing commonalities that will shed new light. Then, we can acquire new records to match the most successful traits. We have a two-decade association with Accudata that allows us to deliver integrated marketing solutions that drive data marketing success. (And most of our lists are priced lower than theirs. Shhhhhhhh…..)

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Create a direct mail campaign

“Mailers” are more complicated than they appear: What you want to say, where the message is placed within the piece, format, salutation, folds, die cuts, and meeting mailing regulations are all components of a successful project. Do it right.

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