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Where do I begin?

What is the best way to approach a new marketing campaign? Do I start with cost? content? layout? Should I use social media or direct mail?

There are so many questions when it comes to goal-focused communications. Luckily, Crest can help you strategize and offer you the resources to put your organization on the map.

Being the Executive, Development, or Marketing Director at any organization is not an easy job. You face demands and expectations when serving your clients, board of directors, constituents, and even budgets. All around, you are being told of the million strategies you should be using.  Is it a surprise that you feel overwhelmed, overstretched, and even confused?

At Crest, we take a different approach. We don’t provide (and therefore don’t “push”) only one form of marketing methodology. Instead, we listen to your specific needs and form a customized and hand-tailored plan to help your organization meet these, within your resources and budgets. We are limber and focus on what benefits YOU.

But how do I take this plan and put it into action?

While Crest is always here to help and to answer your questions, we first and foremost want to help you to become autonomous with your organization’s marketing plan. We will communicate intimately to get to know your organization’s needs, goals, and resources and lay out a calendared task plan to accomplish them. Then, with a multi-step, time-based strategy in place, we will set you up with the tools for you to “springboard” your way to your goals.

Do you need additional Admin Support?

So often organizations “spring” into success only to fall flat when having to actually support new technology or systems. This is typical of, for example, launched websites that then fall flat with no updating. Not that it is lack of interest… It is lack of ability or resources! Crest will share some of our own staff with you to ensure you do not fall flat from your springboard.


When you have the resources to accomplish your goals, you end up in control of your own vision, and with some extra money in the bank. With a clear list of priorities outlined, and the resources and instructions to take these on, that original feeling of chaos can suddenly turn into a manageable plan.

Our marketing consulting services are customized to your needs, goals, and setup and are a flat-fee service; our admin support is hourly or on retainer. Either way, we will get you, and your organization, on its way!

If you are struggling with the endless tasks list to deliver on  a marketing plan, we can help!

If you need additional Admin support to make it happen, we can help!


We could not be happier with, nor more impressed by, Crest Marketing. Sue Moylan and her team are truly intuitive strategists who deliver keen expertise and inspiring creativity to both our print and digital marketing projects. Everyone at Crest takes a very personal interest in crafting and perfecting meaningful, compelling communications for our organization. Their responsiveness and turnaround are always swift, and they have bent over backwards more than once to speedily and expertly resolve the unavoidable project glitches that, despite careful planning, always occur. We rely on Crest to bring high attention to detail, deep industry knowledge, and consistent budget awareness - truly a blessing for a cost-conscious nonprofit - to everything we undertake together. On top of all that, they are terrific fun people, unfailingly cheerful and eager to accept the next challenge. Thank you, Crest Marketing!


Crest Marketing has been a committed partner of Long Beach Symphony for over fifteen years. Sue Moylan and her team support us with creative design and a wide array of printing services. They invest the time to understand our needs and help us to produce marketing materials that make the Symphony shine. Crest is an indispensable resource!


I have been working with Sue for well over a decade, and her level of service is outstanding. Every year, she helps us review our printed materials and works hard to help us develop a superior product while focusing on efficient ways to reduce costs for my clients. Who knew that the location of colored pages within a book could affect price so much? Crest Marketing is my go-to printer and fundraising materials resource.


I worked with Sue through my previous employer 12 years ago; naturally, I turned to her when I started my own company which has now grown into five! I normally give Sue a quick, verbal idea of my vision and she somehow turns it into a full marketing product or website. I recommend and will continue to use Crest as we keep growing.


Crest is always ready to take on any task presented to them. They come up with innovative ideas and deliver what I need, on time, and at the right price.


Great Results, On Time, High Integrity. Crest Marketing always delivers high-quality, cost-effective results for me and my clients. From design concepts to printed materials… It has been a pleasure working with Sue and the team, and I will continue to utilize their services and refer them as often as possible.


Crest helped me achieve a company brochure I can be proud of and that relates to my business community. It is clean, organized, and I can use if for years to come.


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