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websites are the center of all marketing and fundraising efforts. everything should flow through the website.

We consider websites as the center of your marketing planning and, while all medias have a distinct value, we believe that all forms of marketing should flow through the website.

How we approach website projects:

  • We ask our clients a million questions about their organization
  • We get an intimate understanding of what our clients’ goals are (selling stuff? Educating? Informing? Reducing the need for telephone service? Accepting donations?) and design content to meet these needs
  • We are sure to include everything that would respond to ways to “Attract, Educate,  Create Emotion, Move, Get Action, as well as What, When, Where, Why, How, Who” in order to persuade and promote action
  • We ensure the organization’s branding (how the organization impacts people and the world) is clear.
  • We research, write, and design content to support all goals
  • We greatly encourage and help the client to stay involved by supporting the site with blog articles, fresh updated content, and interaction with other forms of marketing, including (but not limited to) social media. The website is the center of the marketing strategy.
  • We work on content as a way to be found through organic searches (Search Engine Optimization – SEO)
  • We include analytics to understand visitors’ behavior once the site is launched
  • We review, edit, review, edit, review, edit, re…dit.

 When people want to learn about your organization (or a similar one), they will look for your website. This is why we feel that a website is the opportunity to give the whole marketing story: Attract, Educate, Persuade, Create Emotion, Move, Get Action by use of inside or outside links, graphics, and content.

Once a website is built, the goal is for it to be accessed; simply building it will not make them come. While inorganic ways of driving traffic to your site may include online ads or pay-per-clicks, visitors reaching your site organically might do it by means of a paper ad, flyer, social media link, copying your email address in a browser or using a search engine (e.g. Google) to have your site emerge based on the relevance of your content. Relevant information increases your site’s ranking position, making the adage “Content is King”  so real.

Content is king. Relevancy and freshness are key.

The reason we consider the website to be the center of your marketing is because it can expand in unlimited ways on any topic and can satisfy many action-based responses. To understand how visitors behave, we include analytics. We install ways to see who is visiting your site, what parts of it they click on, how long they stay on each page, and when they exit.

Is your website equally visible on a desktop AND mobile devices?

Is your website interacting with your branding, direct mail, signage, social media, digital media, and overall marketing strategy?

Is your website Attracting, Educating, Persuading, Creating Emotion, and Moving people to take Action?

If the answer is “I need help with my website” or “I want my marketing to work fluidly,” Contact us.


There are many options for hosting your website. We have had a good relationship with BlueHost. If you are looking for new hosting for a current or new site, we encourage you to try them, whether or not Crest is helping you with the design. Just friendly help….


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