Show can you transcend the cacophony to ensure your constituents receive and digest your messaging?

 Think of it as a bull’s eye. In general, we all have those concentric circles of contacts who we are closer to in different degrees: formal, casual, close, and very intimate. This hasn’t changed. While consistency and clarity of branding and messaging are important considerations right now, the ways you choose to communicate with different groups may need to be more carefully planned. Some groups may be part of an email blast, others a personal email, and others a personal phone call.

    • You may need to segment messaging by area of need or priority. Not every member of your circle necessarily requires every piece of information you might share.
    • As at any other time, imagine your audience as a true person and consider how your messaging could be interpreted. This is not the time for negative messaging, so take care as you craft your communications. What might have been perfectly acceptable a month ago, may not be now.
    • It is hard to maintain our stamina or bandwidth as communicators: Consider a weekly/twice weekly meeting to discuss what is relevant and applicable THIS week. Keep it agile and fluid.
    • As part of that conversation, consider the best the best way to communicate: Website, email, blog post, and social media off alternatives. By nature, different departments within an organization may have their unique ways of communicating. At this time, however, it may be time to institute a common voice.
    • Discuss with staff and stakeholders the appropriate channels of communications (website, social media, a sign on your door) and consider adding sections to your website, such as Q&As.


Please feel free to offer your comments or reach out to us.

~ Susan Swinburne & Sue Moylan