Your organizational mission is to enact change to fulfill a vision of a greater good. That vision of a better future will still exist after this crisis has passed, and your organization will still be focused on providing services that seek to make that vision a reality.

While we are all working through the disruptions and distractions of our current situation, how can we maintain our focus, stay true to our purpose, and be clear in our communications with our circle?

  • While your vision and mission may not change, communication strategies right now do. Reevaluate the relevance and need for communications daily. Both businesses and nonprofit organizations must remain limber. This is one of those times when circumstance could create a need to adopt a new playbook.
  • Be transparent about the actions you are taking, and how each relates to both the evolving crisis and your vision.
  • Be open and vigilant about what role you may be called upon to play in your community in relations to the values and vision of your work.
  • Acknowledge the value of collective vision and your status as member of your community.
  • It is OK to take a step back, reflect and recalibrate.


    Please feel free to offer your comments or reach out to us.

    ~ Susan Swinburne & Sue Moylan