Inclusiveness and collaboration in difficult times can nurture community while also pooling information and promoting shared decision-making. Deciding upon and taking immediate actions in this quickly evolving climate can be strengthened by seeking active input from your stakeholders.


  • Open conversations are important for decisions to be made more collectively. Conversations may include at the least, discussing options for additional or a change in services, or options for dispensing these, as well as discussing how communications should take place.
  • Ask for help from various people around you to ensure you are using expanded wisdom or expertise at your disposal.
  • Are you wondering how open to be about your current crisis-induced hardships? It is completely appropriate to be transparent; this allows you be authentic. But, remember to adopt an appropriate, solution-focused tone that, again, acknowledges that we are all in this together.
  • Calls to action: If people believed in your mission before, they still believe in you now, even though you may be lower in the priority list. A call to action that offers concrete, helpful options for personal investment in your mission can be effective. However, timing and appropriateness are key considerations. A call to action that distracts or diverts attention from immediate priorities or collective goals would not be appropriate.


    Please feel free to offer your comments or reach out to us.

    ~ Susan Swinburne & Sue Moylan